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Leonatti has been involved in numerous civil jury trials over his 48-year legal career. These encompass trials in numerous state courts and the Federal Courts in St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Hannibal. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants. The following are several examples:

  • Numerous cases representing landowners in eminent domain cases involving the Corps of Engineers and Missouri Dept. of Transportation;

  • A 6-week jury trial involving a diabetic truck driver that resulted in serious injuries and several deaths

  • A young child who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine

  • Successful defense of school districts accused of racial discrimination

  • Associated with co-counsel in representing the Plaintiff in a bad faith refusal to settle case

  • Trust contest cases

  • Assumed the defense of MoDOT after a multi-million dollar verdict.


He has served as a mediator in numerous cases including:

  • Will and trust contest cases involving family farms
  • Employment discrimination

  • Bad faith failure to settle cases against insurance companies

  • Hostile work environment

  • Young man paralyzed below the neck from a diving accident

  • Two teenage boys who were seriously injured in a cross-over accident

  • Breach of contract

  • Boundary disputes.


Leonatti also knows that a mediation gives the parties involved an opportunity to voice their concerns, express their opinions, and obtain the thoughts and opinions about the case from a disinterested party. In the end, this is what helps parties reach a settlement of their case in mediation.


Leonatti has served as an arbitrator in several cases:

  • Arbitrator in a Federal Crop Insurance Case

  • Arbitrator in a faulty home construction Case

  • Successfully enforced an arbitration clause involving an architect


He is familiar with juries in Central and Northeast Missouri, the risk and rewards of a jury trial, and the costs associated with jury trials.

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